VVCC Members Gallery Requirements


As you know it is nearly impossible to keep images 100% safe on the World Wide Web, however we can make the images less appealing to unwanted thieves by setting a standard as to how the image will display and give them each a level of protection. First, by keeping the file sizes of our images very small, only allowing them to render large enough to see the beauty of the image. A second level of security – the “No Right Click Image” feature. Try it for yourself. Next we recommend Watermarking or (your copyright), should also be added for quick visual information to every image you choose to display in the VVCC Members Gallery. And if you have the software or camera that you can set up to automatically add your meta data information to each image file, that’s even better and highly recommended.  See Requirements Below:

  • For landscape images resize to no more than 1024 pixels wide
  • For portrait (tall images) resize to no more than 768 pixels in height
  • For square or almost square images resize height to 768 pixels 
  • Watermark – Slightly Opaque (right in the middle of image) – recommended but not required
  • Save file with this format before sending to Webmaster: ( Placing_CategorySize_FirstNameLastName_VVCC_ImageName ), for example: 1st_OpenSm_JohnDoe_VVCC_PrettyPicture

 ** If you need help resizing, watch these videos **


** By displaying your images on this Website, you the owner and Gallery Member, will take full responsibility to properly size, watermark, if desired – legally copyright, and add meta data to your images files. Valley Viewfinders Camera Club will not be held responsible for any damages that may arise from displaying any photographs/images or other information anywhere on this website.