Travel Planning


Travel Planning Resources For Photographers :  Once on the site, click on Locations and you can find articles related to hundreds of locales. These articles have links directing you to more sources for detailed information. Time of year, even time of day, and other hints are provided to optimize your photo experience. (Photograph America Newsletter), published quarterly. Each issue consists of 12 pages covering a specific area. For instance, Anza-Borrego Desert Landscapes, Along the Mississippi, Florida Wildlife Refuges, etc. There are more than 129 issues to date and the website offers a free 24 page download of the master catalog, briefly describing the contents of each issue.  Some are old but many of these are getting updated. For instance, Along the Back Roads of the Ozarks was first published in 2000 and was updated in late 2011.

Photographing The Southwest by Laurent Martres …These are all excellent planning resources for sites not known to most folks nor publications

  • Volume 1 – Southern Utah
  • Volume 2 –  Arizona
  • Volume 3 – Colorado & New Mexico 

Photographing Oregon by Greg Vaughn….. A very useful guide to the beauty in Oregon

Ghost Towns of the Pacific Northwest by Philip Varney                                                        Unlike many books on this subject, it is current, Published in 2013 this book uses good quality photographs. In addition to what we think of as traditional ghost (abandoned) towns, it also includes unique towns such as Port Gamble, established as a “company town” in 1853 by Pope & Talbot.

 More Travel Planning ideas can be found on our Workshop Page