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April 10th Meeting

Loved the Sun more then the chilly days and clouds…. just say’n!

Our meeting began with several potential New Members introducing themselves. ¬†I didn’t count, but I would say about 4 or 5 at least. All of them said they found us Via our Website ūüôā That excites me as the Webmaster because that means all the work I have been doing on this site this season is paying off. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it keeps working. ¬†I (Helen) also briefly went over our Website Analytics or approximately how many visitors we have to our Website on a monthly basis. Originally we started out with 321 overall visitors, but after I narrowed it down to just the city’s surrounding Albany, we have 218 visitor’s, visiting our website every month. And the good news is, over half of them are returning for more information. Awesome!

We went right into Evelyn and Jerry Smith’s presentation. It was listed on our schedule as Wildlife Photography, but Evelyn changed it up a bit and included some breathtaking images of Silver Falls from earlier this year during our freeze. She began by telling us that to achieve the type of images we were about to see of the waterfalls, you really need to have 2 or more consecutive days of temps of 20 degrees or lower. ¬†She had 4 or 5 images of beautiful cascading falls with walls of ice and icicle. By accident, Evelyn had bumped into some that were behind the falls and hanging from the ceiling. She said that sound was just beautiful as they shattered to pieces on the trail floor. They also recommended that if you are venturing out into areas like this, where you know that the trail will be slick, it’s best to wear Snow Tracks that easily slip over your hiking boots and have spikes on them to help your legs stay under you when traversing these frozen trails. ¬†They also wore their bike helmets just in case some of the ice decided to give way. The images were so breathtaking that you really had to be there to see them.

The second part of their presentation was a slideshow she had put together for a friend that was not in good health and she knew she better get it done ASAP, because he wasn’t going to be with us much longer. He was a long time member of the ICL – Institute for Continued Learning and her presentation was on Preservation Of Water Conservation and how it effects everything we do. Unfortunately, her friend passed away the next day having never laid eyes upon her slideshow, but I can tell you after seeing it myself, he would have been very impressed and happy to have her keeping him up to date. ¬†Thanks for the presentation Evelyn. ¬† To see more of their Wildlife Photography see EJ Photo Adventures.

Guess what time it is?? It’s Scavenger Hunt Time!¬†You do need to be a Paid Member to participate. You can see all the details HERE.

Allen Brooks reminded us that when submitting images in the print competitions they need to meet certain criteria. The smallest images cannot be less than 80 square inches (this is for the image alone and doesn’t include the matting), and the entire set up cannot be any larger than 96 square inches. For more information See The Gold Book.

If you have anything Photography Equipment you would like to sell, List it in our Club Classifieds.

If anyone has any idea if there is an App out there for Android phones that will allow someone to watermark images before uploading them to Social Media sites, let us know. We have some members that would be very interested in it.

Our next Meeting on April 24th is a must see. Chris Germano is going to show us some more of his layering and compositing techniques. He does some amazing work. Please give him a warm welcome. He is a friend of mine and I invited him to speak, but unfortunately I cannot make it to this meeting.

Anyone who is a Paid Member and would like to participate in our Private Community on Google+ for Image Critique, shoot me (Helen) and Email.

Dont forget that EID images are due by April 19th. See you all next time.