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March 27th Meeting

Can you believe it’s already April? Where has the time gone. I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say, “I am so ready for Summer”! I want to be able to get out and shoot and not have to lug my coat, my umbrella (for my camera of course), extra clothing and shoes, etc., Bring on the Warm Sunny Days!

First, I want to begin by saying Congratulations to three of our club members, Dina Ratzlaf, Stephanie Low and Nancy Hunt, who took part in the Albany’s Vistor’s Association Photo Contest and came out on the winning side. Take a look at some of the images Here. Great Job Ladies!

Next, John Merrell gave an wonderful presentation on Bird Photography. He gave us all some great advice….., or as he put it, “what works well for him in the field”. For those of you who were not able to make it to this meeting, or for those who just need a recap, here is John’s complete Bird Photography Presentation. John did answer a few questions, including mine. I asked him if he uses Flash, and if so, was it on or off camera. He said when he uses Flash, it’s mainly off camera. He also said that, depending on your subject, you may need to set up 2-3 off camera flashes. For example: when shooting hummingbirds.

Oh yes, FYI, there was one other tip that was shared which I never really thought about and that is that, Geese will tend to land into the wind. Good to know! Now maybe I can get the front end of the goose for a change ūüôā

John, Thank you, You inspire many!

Our EID (Electronic Image Display) winners are now uploaded. Follow this Link: March EID 2014. Then once you have browsed the images, take a look at the Scoresheet right under the Album. This is the first time we have listed the results of the scoring and the comments from the Judges.

We finished out the evening with a Presentation on China from Steve O’Hare. He and his wife traveled around China for 29 days. Some would think that would be easy, right? Well, Steve put it in perspective for us. He said that China is roughly the size of the United States. The Population of China is about 1.3 Billion and the U.S. is a mere 311 Million. Can you imagine trying to tour the United States in only 29 days? Wow, I had no idea! Steve also added that all land in China is owned by the Government and that most of their energy is generated by coal.

This is another reason I love coming to these meetings, so much information I just never knew.

Great presentation Steve – Thank you ūüôā

Oh yes, last but not least, we have set up a Private Community for VVCC Image Critique on Google+, for our club members only. ¬†It’s by invitation ONLY. So if you are interested in participating in this feature you will need to set up a Google+ (gmail account). If you already have one, great, just shoot me (Helen), an Email saying you would like me to send you an invite and be sure to let me know the email address you wish to use. You will receive your invitation via email, of which you will need to choose to “Follow”. If you have any questions about this Private Community, also email me (Helen). Thank you ūüôā

Our next meeting is on April 10th. ¬†Our Print Competition Theme is (Long Exposure). Don’t miss the Presentation by Evelyn & Jerry Smith on Wildlife Photography.

See You All There ūüôā



October 10th, 2013 Meeting

Wow!  What a great meeting Thursday night.

Paul Rentz a photographer out of Corvallis, Oregon was our Guest Speaker. His presentation was on getting that picture under any condition.  Paul gave us a quick rundown of where he grew up, his family, places he has worked and how he began his photography career.

He began by showing us a slide show on Writing. What? Why writing you ask? He is a visual person, and by giving us an example of “writing”, and then following it up with pictures of writing back when it was an actual Art Form all the way to present day with our computers, texting and Spell Check, then leading us into his main presentation of the evolution of photography from film to digital and affordable media.

Did you know that what we see with our eyes really isn’t an image or a picture? ¬†Nope, it’s actually light reflecting off shapes and objects and in turn our brain registers it as an image. Well, that’s basically how our cameras work too. Reflecting light and then burning it into the media we have set up for it. Cool Stuff!!

It was nice to have another photographer talk about his Stories of Photography as well as his Trials and Tribulations. Thank you Paul for being so gracious with your knowledge. Oh, yes, I took it upon myself to find Paul Rentz on the Internet and look what I found. This YouTube Slideshow of some of his photography ~ Hope You Enjoy. 

Reminders for the next few weeks

  • The Quarterly EID for 4C’s is due in by October 31st. If you are interested you can email your images to Art at . Read the Rules and sizing requirements before submitting.
  • Speaking of EID, October 19th is the last day to get your EID images in for VVCC this month by emailing them to Mary Collins, our EID Chair Here.
  • The Fall colors have changed dramatically this last week and Jerry and Evelyn mentioned that Mt. Rainier is predicted to be at its Peak for Fall Color in about a week.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera to the next meeting where we will be splitting into a few groups to help others with settings and answer questions.
  • Art says “bring your ideas, images to share, and your questions to the “Third Thursday Meeting Group” , which just so happens to be Thursday, October 17th at 7:00 p.m., also held at the Library.
  • Oh yes, last but not least, the Statesman Journal is having a photo contest. You can find out more here.

READ THE FINE PRINT (before entering a photo contest)

Harold (one of our members) would like to share with our club something he recently came across and considered doing, until he read ALL the rules for entering. It’s easy to get excited about entering a photo in a contest in hopes of “Winning”. But please, before your do READ THE FINE PRINT before enter your images in any contest. Or at the very least, read the information that follows.

Hi Fellow Club Members and Photographers,

On a recent trip in Montana, we visited a National Monument. There, above the pamphlet rack, was a poster promoting “Share the Experience” ( sponsored by the National Park Foundation.¬†¬†It looked interesting and I took the card in the rack underneath as a reminder to check it out.¬†¬†Looking at the website is a lesson in continuing education.

The “Photo Guidelines” include the following statement:

“We are looking for the official photo that will be featured on the America the Beautiful Federal Recreation Lands Pass for 2015.¬†¬†Plus, it’s a fantastic way to “Share the Experience” and let others see and appreciate all the incredible federal lands and adventures across the nation.”

Sounds great and I was interested.

However, looking at the “fine” print, sent up red flags and the joy of having ones images showing in prominent places may not always be as they seem.¬†

The first thing I noticed was the National Park Foundation had corporate sponsors which are participating in this effort.  This is important if you are considering entering as you will see below.

Second red flag was the fact that there were two sets of the Official Rules (1. Sweepstakes, and 2. Contest) with different awards.  This always presents a problem because there may be conflicting instructions. And there were a number of differences, even though it appears that submission is through the same method.

I won’t get into those differences because they are not particularly what caught my eyes as scanned the documents.¬†¬†It is what they can do with those photos.

The following is a quote contained in the Sweepstake rules:

13. PUBLICITY; GENERAL:¬†Each entrant (parent/legal guardian if entrant is a minor in his/her state of residence) grants the Sponsor, Administrator and their respective designees a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, broadcast, publish and otherwise use the entrant‚Äôs name, company name, address of residence, address of company, statements regarding this Sweepstakes, image, photograph, video, voice and/or likeness for advertising, promotional and/or any other purpose in any and all media now or hereafter devised worldwide in perpetuity without additional compensation, notification or permission, unless prohibited by law. This Sweepstakes and all entries are subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited by law.”

The Contest rules contain a similar but lengthier rule:

By entering, entrants (parent/legal guardian if entrant is a minor in his/her state of residence) grant a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to the Sponsor, Administrator and Federal Recreation Agencies to edit, adapt, make derivative works from, broadcast, publish and otherwise use any or all of the descriptions and/or photograph(s) submitted, and may use them for advertising, promotional and/or any other purpose in any and all media now or hereafter devised worldwide in perpetuity without additional compensation, notification or permission, unless prohibited by law. By entering this Contest, entrants (parent/legal guardian if entrant is a minor in his/her state of residence) agree to have their submitted photograph(s) used and displayed, either singularly or in combination with others and in any size, on the Sponsor’s and/or Administrator’s website and on the websites, social media, and print materials of the Sponsor and/or Administrator without any fee or other form of compensation due at any time for so long as desired by the Sponsor and Administrator. Credits, descriptions or titles, if any, used with the photograph(s) are in the Sponsor’s and Administrator’s sole discretion. In the event that ownership of any photograph(s) submitted is challenged in any manner by any person, Sponsor and Administrator may disqualify that photograph(s) and will discontinue use of the photograph(s)

If you read those paragraphs carefully, you will see, that you are giving up almost all of your rights to control how your photo is used whether you are a winner or not.  One of the differences between the two rules is that the Contest specifies a non-exclusive use while the Sweepstakes has no such phrase.

No payment unless you are a winner.  No matter.  They can use your image any way they want. This includes advertising by the corporate sponsors. No payment, no guarantee of recognition.

It is as if your image enters the public domain, and wording in both sets of rules has “hold harmless” clauses that essentially eliminates or limits your ability to seek recourse for misuse of the image.¬†

So, as much as I was very interested in entering an image or two at the start, it was a no brainer for me to refrain from entering the contest and sweepstake.

Many other such contests and social media sites have similar wording about the use of you photos.  Be forewarned.  Check the rules.  And if you are granting more to the other party than you would like, do not enter or post.

If you found this informative, please share with other photographers.